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ution as popularity of marathon running growsChinese experts issue training caut▓ion as popularity of marathon running gro▓wsChinese experts issue training caution as popularity of▓ marathon running grows05-25-2018 09:32 BJTIn the past th▓ree years,

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Beijing Jishuitan Hospital has been receiving more and more patients who suffer from knee injuries caused by jogging. Guo Xianfeng, director Guo Xianfeng of the hospital's Department of Physical Rehabilitation, said that jogging has become the No.2 cause of injuries next to skiing in China.There were 47 marathons all over China in April with 17 ▓happening on April 15 alone. By contrast, China onl▓y witnessed 51 marathons in 2014. However, the sport has grown so quickly that the number grew to 1,102 in 2017, an increase of almost 21 times in just

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three ye▓ars, according to Tencent Sports.In addition, more and more Chinese people have fallen in love with jogg▓ing as they run in parks, campuses and along roads. Many then post h